Erin Baldwin :: UX Design, User Research, Information Architecture

Primary Tasks:

Research, Analysis, Synthesis, Wireframing


Under Armour was preparing to launch a line of smart fitness devices. These devices didn’t fit within the existing taxonomy of’s navigation system and needed to be revised and possibly expanded prior to the product launch.


As part of the UX team for eCommerce, we wanted to gauge how our users would categorize and label fitness devices and accessories and how they understood different terms associated with fitness devices.

What We Did

With the oversight of the UX team manager, I planned and then conducted an open card sort and brief questionnaire on OptimalSort and Participants were asked questions to gauge their understanding of terms related to fitness devices and accessories and then asked to organize cards into groups in whatever ways made sense to them, and to give a title to each category. They were also asked to verbalize their thoughts as they completed the sorting activity.

After the study was completed I analyzed the data and presented findings* and recommendations to stakeholders from other departments.


Eventually the a design prototype of the new navigation was A/B tested with positive results and deployed to the production site.

*For confidentiality reasons, I can only describe the process and not the specific details and findings of the study and analysis.